Same-Sex Weddings

It is an honor and privilege to design unforgettable weddings for same-sex couples.  Basic civil rights, especially including the freedom to love whoever you choose, are something we strongly advocate for.  We are passionate about planning weddings for our same-sex couples.  We are not only gay-friendly, but we are gay loving. Taylor Singh is a longtime Human Rights Campaign member; the largest non-profit organization committed to achieving equality for the LGBT community.  Further, Taylor is a certified same-sex wedding planner through the 14 Stories Gay Wedding Institute.  Our respect for, and proper etiquette towards, our same-sex couples is unparalleled.  We are overjoyed by your commitment to each other and are overwhelmed with excitement to assist you in planning your upcoming nuptials.

Basic RGB    

Allow us to assist you with the following components:


Don’t allow the logistics of planning your wedding interfere with your enjoyment of your engagement. It’s such an exciting and special stage!  Spend time with your future spouse and your families, joyful in knowing that your lives will soon merge officially. In the meantime, we’ll take care of all those wonderful details.

Food & Beverage

Show your love and admiration towards your family and friends through an exquisite feast.  You’ll want to ensure that your guests are properly fed and that they do not want for anything in the way of beverages! Ignite conversations or encourage guests to the dance floor with food and beverage coordinated through Avasara.

Décor & Atmosphere

Our senses create the memories that last the longest. Allow Avasara to fashion the sights, smells, and touches that will transform your wedding into an event that friends and family members will recall for years to come.

Misc. & Wedding-Related Events

Weddings are truly rare that consist of only one event. Avasara will help you to identify the other happenings that contribute to the success of your wedding as a whole, as well as assisting you in carrying them out. From the proposal to the honeymoon, Avasara will be present to create stunning events.

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